Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nicky's Canary 'Dreamsicle' bracelet

I was looking for some interesting things to write in my other blog, yes I got tired of blogging about the latest news in town, and I missed my blogging about the things that I love... shoes, bags, makeup and jewelries.  To my searching for these things, I landed on Nicky's Canary and I found this bracelet that is appropriately named as Dreamsicle.

Do you have a dream? Believe in your dream and do something about it to make it come true.  That is what the designer, W. Nicole, had in mind when she made this bracelet.  True enough, the inspiration was clearly manifested in this dreamy and charming creation.

Quaint... this is the word that best describes Nicky's Canary collection of jewelries. It reminds me of teatime and siestas in the olden times. Expensive Chinas were laid on the table covered with crisp white linen at the porch while grandma pours her perfectly concocted tea into the teacup.

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