Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nicholas Varney scorpion brooch, conch brooch, cicada bracelet and crawfish bracelet

I was originally planning to post this scorpion brooch because it beats the most expensive item on this blog--Blue Nile radiant diamond ring.  This brooch costs $82,000.  It is made of 18k yellow gold that makes up the entire body, the abdomen is made of South sea baroque pearls, and the claws are made of clear cut 5.42 ct. diamonds.  But after a few seconds of browsing Marissa Collections' site, I saw this cicada bracelet from the same designer:

This bracelet costs $88,000.  Each overlapping cicadas are made of 18k yellow gold, the wings and thorax are lined with 4.15 ct. diamonds, and cabochon emeralds of 4.2 ct. are set to make it the eyes.  I thought, my entry would end on this bracelet but then I found this brooch from the same designer:

This brooch is made of 18k white gold that is shaped to resemble a Queen Conch, the South sea pearl is mounted on the middle and is surrounded by clear-cut diamonds and moonstone cabochons.  This brooch costs $97,210.  I thought I could finally click 'Publish Post' but then I saw this crawfish bracelet, you bet, from the same designer:

Before I proceeded with writing about this bracelet, I browsed again the website to see if there is any more that could beat the price of this.  I found none.  So, this confirms that this crawfish bracelet by Nicholas Varney is the most expensive jewelry in this blog.  Let me proceed with the specs.

This bracelet is made of 18k yellow gold with orange-red spinels and circular cut diamonds that you can only see if you will stretch the bracelet.  Brilliant design, isn't it?  I am not surprised that this thing costs $166,000 because of the workmanship and the number of sparklers added to it.

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