Monday, January 30, 2012

Mrs. Jumbo

Jennifer Meyer elephant necklace, $7,550 at Net-A-Porter. It is made of 14k gold with  0.90ct diamonds.
One of my son's favorite Disney movies is Dumbo, it happens to be mine, too. I just love the values the story teaches us--friendship, love, acceptance, perseverance, and confidence among others. I especially love Mrs. Jumbo's unconditional love for her son, primarily because I am a mother, too. The part of the movie that brought me to tears was when Mrs. Jumbo sang Dumbo a lullaby. I can feel a mother's love overflowing at that moment.

So, whenever I see an elephant, real or otherwise, like this Jennifer Meyer necklace, it reminds me how great a mother's love can be.

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