Friday, January 13, 2012

Spring/Summer Necklaces

Photo from here.
It will be summer here in less than two months. I am excited like a child! Summer is the season of colors... the brightest and boldest ones. It is the time for accessories fanatics to go overload and be forgiven. Why don't you get your accessories box and see if your bright necklaces are still bright, otherwise, check-out my  picks for you.
Hewn Cosmos necklace at Anthropologie, $398.

Petanque necklace at Anthropologie, $68.

Nest floral pendant necklace, $375 at Neiman Marcus.

Jose & Maria Barrera hammered disc necklace, $665 at Neiman Marcus.

Monique Pean Peruvian opal with diamonds, $15,820 at Barneys.

Rosantica 'Raissa' 24 karat gold dipped lapis lazuli necklace, $800 at Net-A-Porter.

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