Monday, March 19, 2012

Really High Rings

Have you ever seen really high rings? As in high both in form and price? 
Alessandro Dari 'Pia De' Tolomei' ring, $18,921 at Luisa Via Roma.
This ring is made of silver and gold carved to the liking of the famous Pia De' Tolomei opera. It has diamonds of 0.35ct and huge Tahitian pearl with a diameter of 19mm.

Alinari Stefano 'Pandora' ring, $18,009 at Luisa Via Roma.
This 18ct gold and bronze ring has blue diamante of 1.63 kt, diamante of 0.38 kt and pearl of 15.50 kt.

Bibi Van Der Velden ivory rolling boule ring, $7,421 at Luisa Via Roma.
This one of a kind ring is made of gold with ivory boule that actually rotates on a pivot. It is adorned with Tsavorite stones.

Perlota fancy sapphire ring, $3,460 at Luisa Via Roma.
This 18k gold ring has a small bell inside a "cage" adorned with sapphires.

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