Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jewelmer 18k Gold Pearl Necklace from the Corail Collection

Pearls, just like diamonds, are one of the most sought after jewelries in the market.  There are many myths and misconceptions about pearls, one of those is that it brings bad luck to its wearer.  Also known as 'Tears of the Gods', pearls are the only jewel that can be found in the sea and perhaps the only jewel that is nurtured by a living entity.  Whether it is gold, black or the classic white, pearls will surely amplify the already existing beauty of its wearer.

It is not known to many but there are many jewelers in the Philippines that can compete in the global market like Jewelmer that produces world-class jewelries since 1979.  One of their many breathtaking pieces is this necklace from the Corail collection that is inspired by the oceans' coral reefs.  The Palawan South Sea pearls are set on intricately sculpted 18k gold that mimics the growth of corals as they form according to the undulating current of the undersea waves.

Jewelmer pieces are sold in high-end shopping malls in the Philippines and in five-star hotels in Manila, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Australia and Paris.

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