Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sethi Couture Thin White Diamond Band

I  have a ring similar to this Sethi Couture white diamond band that my fiance gave to me 4 years ago.  There's a sweet and funny story behind our engagement ring.  He didn't actually knelt to propose when he gave it to me because I was with him when he bought it.  There is this one jewelry shop in a shopping mall... the last of the many shops that we looked in for an eternity ring.  When we entered the shop, the ring similar to the picture caught our attention.  We asked the sales person if we could try the ring... it was a perfect fit for me but not for him, it is a little tight on his left ring finger.  We both fell in love with the ring so he bought it., he said he'll just wear it on his right.  Well, the ring never reached the ring box... it stayed on our ring fingers ever since and it will stay there for eternity. 

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