Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Incy Wincy Spider

Tom Binns spider ring, $110 at Shopbop.
I have two unforgettable stories about spiders... But before I tell you about them, let me first show you this spider ring from Tom Binns. It is gold plated. The creepy legs wrap around the finger. It would be perfect to wear this Halloween.

Here are my stories about spiders...

When my son was still a baby, I used to sing him The Incy Wincy Spider and each time he would let out a contagious laugh. Until now, whenever I would tease him about the song, he would smile at me and it makes me feel happy knowing that he still remembers.

A few weeks ago, when I was having lunch with my office mates, a spider crawled on my nape. I screamed so loud, I swear it was heard by other employees from the other building. My office mates screamed too because the spider jumped on the table.


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