Thursday, August 25, 2011

Color your world with Colour Me jewelries

Just a little color game from my friends from Colour Me. They have the most colorful jewelry collections and not to mention affordable. I love each and every piece.

'Flourish' ring, $10. Also available purple, lavender, blue, red, yellow and orange.
Pink is the color of love and compassion. It heals grief and sadness. It also suggests sweetness, innocence and youthfulness. Wear something pink whenever you are around the people you love and who loves you or if you want to encourage relationship--whether friendship or romantic.

'Mia' earrings, $12 previously $15.
Green is the color of nature, fertility and life. It is believed to promote healing. Chinese and Egyptians believe in the power of green to promote good health. Wear something green if you want to attract money, prosperity and wealth. 

'Redress' necklace and earrings set, $20.
Red is the warmest of all colors. Represented by the Roman God of War, red is also the color of courage and valor. In China, it is known to be the color of prosperity and joy. Wear something red if you want to attract love and romance.

'Sea Foam' bracelet, $12 previously $15.
If you will ask any person what is his or her favorite color, more often than not, he or she will say it is blue. Blue is believed to bring calm and serenity. It is the color of youth and high ideals. Blue gemstones are used in amulets or provide protection, health, confidence and strength. Wear something blue if you want to be relaxed and counteract chaos and agitation.

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  1. I like the pieces featured here. It's full of colors. Thank you for that little info about each color. Jadeite Experts love the pink flourish ring.


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